13th September till 24th October Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu

3 Courses £9.30 ~ 2 Courses £8.30 inclusive of coffee Monday Special 2 Courses £6.60 ~ 3 Courses £9.30


Lighter Dishes



Soup of the day £2.50

Pressed pork and apricot terrine served with grilled country bread £2.50

Salad Nicoise with fresh seared tuna £2.50

V Goats cheese soufflé with pesto and tomato petals £2.50



Main Dishes



Debut roast £5.80

Seared lemon peppered salmon on freshly made tagliatelle and pea veloute cream £5.80

Grilled Chicken Paillard with hot vegetable saladand truffle scented oil dressing £5.80

V Sauted wild mushrooms, Poached free range eggand toasted brioche £5.80






Cream filled profiteroles with chocolate fudge sauce £2.50

Steamed sponge pudding and vanilla pod crème analgise sauce £2.50

Mango cheesecake and raspberry sorbet £2.50

Today’s locally produced cheese £2.50



A daily selection of specials are available

please ask a member of the waiting staff




Some of our products may contain nuts. Please see waiting staff for details.



Reserve your table here today

or call the restaurant on (01603) 773227



We reserve the right to make any changes to the above,

resulting in changes from curriculum demands