Debut Restaurant News - Autumn 2009 - come and get a taste of it

The Debut Restaurant is recognised for giving students at The Hotel School real experience of work as part of their courses, something we are very proud of here at City College Norwich, it also makes Debut one of the places in Norwich to eat.

In the past year the restaurant has seen changes in the range of items we offer and dishes the students complete, this will continue in the coming year with the lunch time format offering more flexibility to the customer to choose a quick light meal or the traditional set menu; as well as continuing to offer a choice for vegetarians at every meal.

The restaurant will be open every morning for coffee in a relaxed environment and continue to offer teas and cakes in the afternoon.

The Hotel School is continuing to support the EDP Bidwells Norfolk Food Festival with a number of key events.

  • Saturday 26th September sees the return of the Master Class sessions with Franck Pontais guiding us through terrines and verrines producing some stunning dishes to take home.
  • Dinners with Andy Parle, and Brasteds, as well as chocolates with Julia Hetherington from the Lavender House.
  • I myself will be working with the students on the Big Sunday Lunch 20th September!

It all promises to get the new teaching year off to a flying start.

On 17th September we are hoping to have Albert Roux at the Debut to work with our students producing dinner, this is a great opportunity for our students to work with one of the legends from the British restaurant industry.

We are continuing to work with local suppliers and showcase local foods where possible but ultimately we will be encouraging our protégées to aim for producing and serving food to the highest standards.

This promises to be yet another exciting start to a very full year and I hope that we can count on your continued custom over the coming months and I look forward to seeing you in the restaurant.

Steve Thorpe FIH,
Head of the Hotel School